Serenity Nail treatments
Rosewood Body Milk
This silky, non-oily body lotion, hydrates and feeds the skin.

Aromatic Algae
This healing seaweed spray assists in the removal of dead skin remover.

Nourishing Body Cream
This rich, highly emollient seaweed cream nourishes, tones, and detoxifies tissue.
Hydrating Body Scrub
The Body Scrub is a silky, non-oily body lotion with jojoba seed powder that hydrates and feeds the skin while exfoliating at the same time.

Nail Tek Therapy
Helps heal weak, thin, soft or peeling nails. This unique protein formulation seals the layers of the nail together.

Solar Oil
A rejuvenating blend of natural ingredients penetrates deeply into your cuticles and nails to prevent them from becoming brittle and to promote healthy nail growth.
Serenity Nail Treatments is proud to use Source Vital products. Our goal is to use the highest quality products during your treatments. The Source Vital products have proven to be highly effective for improving the condition of your feet, hands and skin in general. All of the products used during your service can also be purchased for yourself or those you care about and they make a great gift.

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